AI labs & talent recruitment

24 TU Delft AI Labs

Over the course of 2020-2021 we are establishing a total of 24 TU Delft AI Labs where experts in AI foundations work together with experts in AI challenges. Through these Delft AI Labs, expertise and innovation in AI, Data & Digitalisation is used to advance expertise and innovation with AI, Data & Digitalisation, thereby increasing the impact of AI at TU Delft in science, design engineering and society.

Each of these labs consists of at least two starting academic staff members and four joint PhDs, for a total of 24 newly starting faculty members and 96 new PhD students. For the greater part, staff for the labs is funded through our talent investment program. The Delft AI Labs embody the bridges that are being built between research in and with AI, Data and Digitalisation and foster cross-fertilization between talents and expertise.

Talent Programme and TU Delft AI Labs

We have a university-wide talent programme, involving both faculty members and PhD students, with which we attract and support new talent in AI, Data & Digitalisation. The aim of this programme is to accelerate research in all relevant scientific disciplines and to increase the available educational capacity.

At our TU Delft AI Labs we unite experts in ‘the fundamentals of AI technology’ with experts in ‘AI challenges’ to address current and prominent (societal) research questions and to provide domain specific education. Each of these labs consists of at least two academic members of staff (new talents from the talent programme or young academics already on board) and four joint PhD students.



The first sixteen TU Delft AI Labs are: