AI, data and digitalisation are becoming increasingly important for solving major scientific and social issues. TU Delft is pursuing many strands of AI research, both ‘into AI’ and ‘with AI’. The role of AI technologies is also growing across our education and innovation activities. The TU Delft AI Initiative coordinates various activities and functions, providing a central platform for AI, data and digitalization-related research, for education and for innovation. It allows eight TU Delft faculties to collaborate intensively with multiple partners.

Since December 2020, Geert-Jan Houben leads the TU Delft AI Initiative, as Pro Vice Rector Magnificus AI, Data & Digitalisation.

Investing in an AI-driven future

Many different researchers and lecturers at TU Delft work on activities related to AI, data and digitalisation. Given the increasing role of these technologies in urgent scientific and societal challenges, it is TU Delft's ambition to double the budget for these research and education activities to 70 million euros annually. The activities we work on are:

  • attracting new talent
  • establishing new labs
  • additional education programs for bachelor- and master students and PhD students
  • cross-program training
  • accelerated educational innovation
  • technical, engineering and innovation support
  • intensification of collaborations, partnerships and networks
  • expansion of regional cooperation
  • additional facilities

Regional collaboration

A regional knowledge coalition for AI, data and digitalisation has been set up by Erasmus University Rotterdam, Leiden University, TU Delft and the university medical centres Erasmus MC and LUMC. Together, we are working on a large-scale education program aimed at strengthening the combined skills of all partners, potentially reaching 85,000 students. The coalition also joins forces in the field of research and innovation.

TU Delft is listed in the Nature 2020 Artificial Intelligence Top 100 Index (as the only Dutch university)

700 TU Delft academics work on fundamental research ‘into AI’. An equally large and fast-growing group of academics focuses on developments made possible ‘with AI’.