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About AI, Data and Digitalisation at the TU Delft 

At the TU Delft we excel in both fundamental as well as applied disciplines, which form the base for collaboration on scientific and societal challenges. The TU Delft AI Initiative unites and strengthens the AI, data and digitalisation developments at TU Delft. This programme acts as a catalyst for research, education and collaborations both in and with AI, data and digitalisation. We strongly believe in combining fundamental and applied research, which is exemplified by our newly established TU Delft AI Labs. Collaborative research and educating the future generation of digital professionals are pillars of this programme.  

We have a university-wide talent programme, involving both faculty members and PhD students, with which we attract and support almost 125 new talents in AI, Data & Digitalisation over the course of 2020 and 2021. The positions are aimed at both AI experts as well as those who wish to apply AI in their Science, Technology, Engineering or Design field. All the current vacancies can be accessed via

Working from the TU Delft AI Labs

The new and current researchers are joining forces in the so-called ‘TU Delft AI Labs’ programme. Artificial intelligence, data and digitalisation are becoming increasingly important when looking for answers to major scientific and societal challenges. In a TU Delft AI lab, experts in ‘the fundamentals of AI technology’ along with experts in ‘AI challenges’ run a shared lab. In total, TU Delft has established 24 TU Delft AI Labs where 48 Tenure Trackers and 96 PhD candidates will have the opportunity to push the boundaries of science by using AI. Each team is driven by research questions which arise from scientific and societal challenges and contribute to the development and execution of domain specific education.

The TU Delft is proud to be a university where academics have the freedom to challenge and develop themselves in an international, multidisciplinary and collaborative community and is looking forward to welcome new Assistant Professors and PhD students to further explore the possibilities of AI (related) research.

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