This project aims at developing a new design method for investigating the ethical implications of human partnership with AI through the concept of Embodied Manifestos.

Embodied Manifestos are deliberate and tangible manifestations of design ideas that invite public audiences to reflect and act on a certain phenomenon. In the context of this research proposal, Embodied Manifestos will be used as means to invite reflection on how current technological advancements, such as the diffusion of autonomous and intelligent systems, will impact on society in the near future. In particular, this research will focus on potentially inappropriate forms of interaction with AI in everyday life, as a way to generate ethical dilemmas that may help to reframe how to design for human-AI relationships.

The outcome of this research will be the development of artefacts that, standing as tangible representations of theories and narratives about human partnership with AI, may be used to probe in a public context the principles, features and values that should be addressed when designing AI systems.