Design of Construction


The chair Design of Construction engages issues that are related to building constructions. The spectrum goes from the relation between functional and structural aspects, via building technologies specific for a material, to the development of principles for constructive elements, components and building systems. Through research into these aspects several issues can be developed, analysed, applied and evaluated, like the relations between functions, regulations and user preferences, or the engineering process of buildings. Moreover, innovative techniques and strategies for integrating functions are developed.   


The mission of the chair is to develop integrated, innovative and inspiring technical solutions for complex design assignements which always arise when visionary concepts are linked to practical ways of construction.


In the BSc curriculum students are educated in fundamental knowledge and skills. Besides, they are trained to developi a scientific attitude. Central are the individual principles which together determine the functioning of a construction. Based on this knowledge the design of constructions can be more than merely copying existing solutions. Next to the "classic" training of architects, the chair is also involved in the research driven Master degree course Building Technology. In this course education and research are intervowen.  

Moreover, the chair has developed a BT subtrack  'International Facade Master' degree program; a new degree course in which engineers to be can specialise in building and facade technology.


Central focus of the chair's research is on facade technology with particular emphasis on concrete and design oriented themes, like the production of double-curved facade elements for free-form architecture. On a strategic level, the chair engages in refurbishment technologies, the development of engineering tools and technology transfer. The chair brings this knowledge into the public via books with the following themes: construction principles, systematic building, and material and technology development.

Overview research output