Structural Design & Mechanics


The Structural Design & Mechanics Group based at the Department of Architectural Engineering and Technology at TU Delft is an interdisciplinary teaching and research group focused on the next generation of structural materials and structural systems, led by Prof Mauro Overend and supported by Prof. James O’Callaghan, Chair of Architectural Glass at TU Delft. The group has strong links with other academics at the Architecture, Civil Engineering and Materials Science at TU Delft and with other research centres globally. The group collaborates closely with industrial partners ranging from local SMEs to multi-national PLC


To address the real-world challenges in structural design and mechanics by delivering the next generation of resource-efficient and user-centred structural materials and structural systems through leading-edge teaching and research


  1. Develop a range of novel structural components, systems, technologies and associated design methods for buildings and bridges for a more satisfying, safer, healthier and resource-efficient built environment.
  2. Equip the next generation of designers with the skills required to devise and deliver user-centred, resource-efficient structures.

Teaching & Research Themes

  1. Structural Mechanics including shells, topology, morphology and optimisation.
  2. Glass & Transparency including architectural glass and sustainable glass
  3. Structural Design including conceptual design, facades, and bridge design
  4. Adaptive Structures including smart, lean and affective structures