The department of Architecture of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment provides education and conducts research at an internationally competitive level of excellence in the fields of architecture and architectural design. Education and research are closely interconnected by the perspective of social relevance.


The Department of Architecture is an open network organisation that is constantly innovating itself. It has a global reputation and responds actively to changing social conditions both nationally and internationally. The department offers students, lecturers and research staff an intellectually stimulating studying and working environment. The Department of Architecture has a key position in the Faculty of Architecture. Because of its high quality educational programmes the department manages to attract a growing number of students from the Netherlands and abroad. Members of staff and graduates play an active role inorganisations and networks in society and in academia.


Architecture, the science and art of designing and realising buildings, is an academic field with its own identity. An important objective of architectural research is to construct theories related to the foundations of the domain of architecture. The way form, construction and function are related is given new meaning, particularly now society has a growing interest in the practical value, the future value and the cultural value of buildings.