Architectural Design Crossovers

Architectural Design Crossovers considers architecture at the centre of intersecting disciplines. It explores the ways in which architectural design has a central role in creating synergies, and how architecture takes the lead in the search for sustainable interventions. 

Current transformation dynamics of cities and territories, and the many challenges related to the future of urban agendas, are increasingly becoming multifaceted. We need architectural design to actively engage several disciplines within and beyond the design fields relating to the built environment. Architecture operates at the centre of these intersecting disciplines and has the potential to enclose ideas and experiments.

Architectural Design Crossovers focusses on urban areas and conditions that are characterised by a variety of challenges. These are places where (future) transformations are not just urgent, but also provide rich contexts for experimentation for future agendas. In Architectural Design Crossovers we investigate and explore the different roles of the architectural project, which we see as an interscalar projection and synthesis of different approaches. The programme engages in process-based design inquiry, leading to site-specific interventions across spatial and temporal scales.

Associate Professor Roberto Cavallo


Nathalie Kooijmans-Bout