Alvin Chew Yuwei

Borders & Territories

The Architecture of Suspension

The predominant approach in dealing with spaces suspended often involves negative connotations that view these spaces as spaces that ought to be destroyed or avoided without considering the potential positive aspects that lend to the site’s uniqueness and novelty. The project embraced approach toward designing in a condition of lazier-fare relationships and spaces of negotiations, and the potential of such spaces in allowing re-reading and re-composition of the city, thus allowing for a differing design approach that will take advantage of the Architecture of Suspension. The project started with a research of the effects of the Architecture of Suspension and an attempt to conceptualize alternative re-readings and re-mappings of the Moralilor, Bucharest, Romania through different ways encompassing notions of the Architecture of Suspension. Through manifestations of these mappings and re-readings, an attempt at formulating a language which would inform architectural designs in both the design process and aesthetic choices (without the reduction of the architecture into mere copying of trendy visual precedents) was established. The earlier research informed the design as having following characteristics such as event, temporal, fragment, complex, irregular, existing outside locality, registering time and place beyond and before and as possessing a multiplicity of readings.

Master thesis (Repository)