Francesco Tincani

Borders & Territories

The Space Inbetween: Project of an Institution of Protection in Luxembourg City

The project deals with the material culture of the financial sector of Luxembourg City with an alternative architectural formulation. 

The material which the city is made of is both constructed by means of a physical form and a set of attached conceptions that qualify such physicality. By understanding the degree of operablity of such material, the aim of the project was to intervene in such relationship, in both a statement of form and (intelligible) content. In a city like Luxembourg this twofold concept gains a peculiar relevance: bureaucracy, tax agreements, financial services and products, international crimes make up the landscape of immaterial and yet so real materials of which the identity of the city is made of. These concepts do not find a specific physical response, except perhaps in the case of the building for the European court of Justice. The negotiation of a very specific physical (topographical and geological) condition, with a set of extremely abstract and intellectual concepts is the issue at stake. Between the specificity of the response to the ground condition and the genericness of the space of the office, the project will answer the question of the qualification of the negotiation mentioned before. 

Master Thesis (Repository)