Zhang Nan

Borders & Territories

Law Thinktank in Luxembourg

This project is a Law graduation institute located in Luxembourg. The main focus of the design takes advantage of the in-between spaces between different functions to organize this space and create the unique qualities to every function. 

The most important relation is between the courtroom and library: the relationship between the knowledge and practice. Practice is not based on the knowledge and vice versa. Practice and knowledge should work together to generate the power. The judges sit in between the library and moot courtroom. Their background is knowledge and they face the practice. The two bridges connect the library and moot court room. Also, this type of connection happens between the lobby and the courtroom through two reversed corridors. 

One of the in-between spaces is the courtyard in between the public lobby and the think tank with inner private and outer public garden. To make the library stand out, contradiction inside the space was created. In the lower part, the elevation and inside space present vertical rhythm, while in the library tower, the rhythm stops and changes to horizontal slicing based on the structural logics.