The chair of Dwelling is involved in the research and education in the field of housing and architectural design. The chair aims to investigate the architecture of dwelling against the background of changing lifestyles and new technologies, which make up our daily environment.

Topical issues which are addressed in our research and education programmes are the creation of diversity by the mixing of functions, research into high density schemes, sustainability in relation to spatial configurations, the rethinking of the quality of our suburbs and the interrelations between the private realm of dwelling and the public spaces of the city.

The Chair is active in education in both the bachelor's and the master's phase. Students in the bachelor become acquainted with dwelling design during the course BK4ON4 Dwelling and Living Environment. Students may choose to extend their knowledge with the minor House of the future, which focuses on housing on a conceptual level under the changing cultural, social, ecological and technological circumstances.

In the Master two directions are offered: Dutch Housing and Global Housing. The first focuses on dwelling design in Dutch cities, like Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague, while the latter focuses on affordable housing and improvement of living conditions in the fast-growing cities in the Global South.

In addition, the Chair is active in the field of research. The results are shared through international networks, such as PAD (Platform for Affordable Dwelling), and via the book series DASH (Delft Architectural Studies on Housing, nai010 publishers).


Salma Ibrahim


The MSc 1 Dutch Housing project of Lydia Giokari was awarded the WikiArquitectura Student award.