Form and Modelling Studies

Form Studies‚Ä®

The Form Studies programme is concerned with the furthering of knowledge, insights and skills concerning Composition and Perception in the domains of architecture. On an educational level, the Form Studies group plays a recognisable and meaningful role within the faculty‚Äôs foundational first year BSc curriculum (modules OV1&2), the BSc5 Minor ‚ÄėHouse of the Future‚Äô plus four MSc elective courses. In research, the emphasis lies upon the exploration, visualisation and explication of elementary formal phenomena in the context of the discipline of architecture, making active use of digital and physical modelling applications.

Drawing Studies and Form Studies are highly important within the Bachelor programme (modules OV1&2). Drawing Studies concentrate on the development of knowledge, understanding and skills with respect to composition and presentation in the field of architecture.

Model Studies‚Ä®

Closely linked to the Form Studies educational programme, the Model Studies facilities take in a central position within the faculty as a whole. Students make extensive use of the well-equipped workshop facilities and the state-of-the-art Computer Aided Modelling lab, particularly in the MSc diploma phase. The CAM-lab plays an increasingly important role in education-based research, notably in the MSc Form Studies course ‚ÄėOrnamatics‚Äô.  

Modelling Techniques

Modelling Techniques

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