History of Architecture and Urban Planning

The Chair History of Architecture and Urban Planning explores the long-term development of the built environment. Research and teaching of the faculty covers a broad range of theoretical and methodological approaches, temporal and geographical specializations. The Chair's faculty includes experts in Dutch architecture and cities across the centuries, as well as specialists on global, trans-disciplinary and cross-cultural practices. Samples of research on flows of water and oil and their impact on port cities and other metropolitan areas are captured in short films on historic and contemporary port cities and the global petroleumscape.

Members of the Chair are responsible for numerous publications including on leading architects and urbanists, on capital cities, on port cities and on the global exchange of architectural and planning ideas in conjunction with commodity flows (global landscapes of oil), on issues of Healthcare and housing, on maps and geographical surveys inspired by historical information and on city representation in art.

The Chair has established an innovative repository on European Colonial Architecture. It hosts a collection of internationally famous chairs, and supervises the Department of Architecture's archives and model collection of ACaP.
Members of the Chair organize exhibitions and conferences and participate in extensive professional networks all over the world.

Together with faculty members from the Chairs Heritage and Technology, Heritage and Design, Heritage and Values, and from the Department of Urbanism, the Chair is also leading the Design and History Research Group that promotes multidisciplinary investigation on Heritage issues. Carola Hein is also Research Coordinator of Heritage and Environment for the Center for Global Heritage and Development.


Andrea Degenhardt