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Seeking to develop more inclusive, democratic modes of spatial development, the chair provides an interdisciplinary perspective on the analysis and design of the built environment. Members of the chair are participating in different research groups such as "Architecture Culture and Modernity" and "Situated Architecture", while the chair as a whole has defined architectural pedagogy as one of its key topics of investigation.  Members of the chair sit at the editorial boards of the journals Writingplace, OASE and Footprint.

Among the current research projects is the European COST-network Writing Urban Places. New Narratives of the European City, where Klaske Havikis leading a large European network of researchers from 30 participating countries , working on literary and architectural imagination in relation to urban questions in Europe. The funding covers research and teaching exchanges across Europe, publications, and conferences.

Tools of the Architect Exhibition

We claim that operative interrelations between methods and analyses establish the condition to learn about architecture.

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Research topics

Methods of Analysis and Imagination develops three fields of research that focus on a better understanding of design thinking, widening our knowledge of existing design approaches, and developing new design perspectives.


prof. dr. ir. Klaske Havik