The Why Factory

(W)egocity investigates the freedom of designing and making one’s own dream house under dense circumstances. There are so many possible houses, but the current production of towers and slabs reduces the variety into basically extrusions of the same floor plans. How to improve this? What different houses can be imagined? Who are the clients? How excessive can their ideas be? How these differences, these extreme different cultures can be constructed within a given envelope like a slab, a tower or a cube? When do ego’s become wego’s? How to negotiate on that? How do you get the best for everyone out of that? Can we develop a tool (game) that can facilitate and visualize the beauty of the puzzle that comes alive? And then how to construct that? And then how to adapt that over time? What building material is the best for this? How does the infrastructure follow that? How to build the stairs and the pipework?