24 November 2020

Alumna Iris Moons wins second price NRP Master Prize 2020

This year, former MBE student Iris Moons won the second prize with her thesis: Managing Religious Heritage: Designing an Accommodation Strategy for Dutch Churches. In her research - which was rated with a 9 and a honourable mention- she developed a step-by-step plan for (unoccupied) churches.

17 November 2020

Chair of Public Real Estate agrees four-year contract with Netherlands Police

The Netherlands Police is one of the biggest owners of public real estate in the Netherlands. From police station to forensic laboratory, from listed buildings in the centre of The Hague to large-scale facilities on the motorway in Driebergen: the task of housing the Police is as diverse as it is challenging. This September saw Monique Arkesteijn and Alexandra den Heijer (Chair of Public Real Estate, MBE department) enter into a four-year cooperation contract with the Police.

06 November 2020

Owner-occupied housing market shifts to a higher gear despite Corona crisis

The scarcity on the housing market continues unabated. Relatively few residential consumers have really been affected in economic sense by the Corona crisis. This is mainly due to the enormous package of support measures provided by central and local authorities as part of the Corona crisis. Confidence in the owner-occupier housing market will recover in the third quarter of 2020.

20 October 2020

The international Exhibition TOGETHER! to Delft in Spring 2021

Together! is an itinerant exhibition of the German Vitra Design museum. The exhibition responds to challenges in contemporary architecture by focussing on collectivity and demand-oriented development, and shows examples of various new urban living forms from all over the world.

05 October 2020

Circular building covenant in the making

Many Dutch construction companies and clients have started working with circular construction. But what exactly this form of building means is not yet clear. That is why the ‘Cirkelstad’ (Circle City) platform is working on a covenant, a clear agreement on how circular construction projects should be achieved.

30 September 2020

China needs more direction in large-scale urban regeneration

The large-scale urban renewal that China has been undergoing in recent decades is accompanied by the wholesale demolition of old buildings. According to PhD researcher Taozhi Zhuang, this is not always necessary. It is high time for clearer guidelines and a more efficient decision-making process.

18 August 2020

Housing market not (yet) affected by the corona crisis

The Dutch market for owner-occupied houses and the mortgages revolved at full speed in the first half of 2020. Thanks to the enormous package of support measures taken by central government and local authorities in the context of the corona crisis in the Netherlands, relatively few housing consumers seem to have really been affected in economic terms so far.

21 July 2020

Quick-start for designing with values in complex projects

Urban design in complex urban projects is all about moving beyond surface needs and wishes, and uncovering common values. Designers can facilitate the creation of a shared vision among stakeholders by showing the implications and potential of these values.

16 July 2020

Affordable sustainable housing

RE-DWELL will train a new generation of academics and professionals to address the urgent need of affordable and sustainable housing, a major challenge for European societies. The large research project involves ten different universities and an innovative education programme across Europe.

15 July 2020

Stimulating integration

Would spatially concentrating refugees on the micro-level help stimulate their integration? Carla Huisman has been awarded an NWA Idea Generator grant of € 50.000 to study this. Over the course of a year, she will compare the networks of Eritrean refugees living in mixed projects in Amsterdam with the networks of those living more isolated in Utrecht.