Construction Management and Entrepreneurship

The Chair of Construction Management and Entrepreneurship focuses on the challenges of managing construction projects with a particular emphasis on the added value of design, engineering and construction companies in the construction supply chain


The design, engineering and realisation of adequate and high-quality accommodation for citizens and organisations is unmistakably influenced by other major societal challenges.  For example, dealing with scarce energy (energy transition) and material resources (circular economy) are inextricably linked to the realisation of construction projects.

To be able to respond to these societal needs, it is of crucial importance to tap the innovation capacity of the entire construction chain. Designing, engineering and building companies can contribute to solutions by taking an innovative and entrepreneurial attitude.

The chair Construction Management and Entrepreneurship explores new theories and concepts related to the development of innovative, entrepreneurial power in the construction supply chain. Important themes are (circular) business models and supply chain management, value capture strategies in architectural and engineering companies and entrepreneurial behaviour to transform innovations into successful business goals.

The chair supports interdisciplinary collaboration with both scientific disciplines and the construction industry (architects, engineers, contractors and clients) to strengthen research and education.