OTB - Research for the built environment

OTB seeks to make a visible contribution to society by addressing societal challenges in the field of the built environment. We do this by means of our specialist scientific research and education in this area as part of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment. The emphasis lies on scientific impact and societal relevance. We aim to increase the significance of scientific research, while continuing to focus on the vital exchange between problem-oriented and practically applicable research.


28 June 2017

Housing equity additional source of pension?

What are the policy options for housing equity as additional pension? OTB is part of a seven member European research consortium Integrating Residential Property with Private Pension Provision led by iff-Hamburg to find answers. The research is funded by the European Commission DG Employment and Social Affairs.

28 June 2017

Recognition for OTB research programmes

The research programmes OTB is involved in (Urban and Regional Studies, Housing in a Changing Society and Geo-Information Governance and Technology) have recently been well-reviewed by an independent international review committee. The research quality was rewarded ‘world leading/excellent’ to ‘very good’ and its societal relevance ‘world leading/excellent’. The faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment as a whole was assessed being 'very high' regarding research quality and as 'world leading/excellent’ regarding societal relevance.

28 June 2017

DEPRIVEDHOODS results in EU and OECD reports

The European Commission – together with UN Habitat – and the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), both highlighted the quality and future of cities in their annual reports. Results and insights of the long-term DEPRIVEDHOODS project, a key project in the OTB Housing in a Changing Society research programme, found their way into both reports. Education support social integration, but only on the long run, is one of them. The project focuses on school results, criminal behaviour, relocation patterns and neighbourhood changes.


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