16 January 2020

Multifunctional territories in-between offer tremendous opportunities for sustainability

Areas around cities are often referred to negatively with the term 'urban sprawl'. But it is precisely in these territories in-between that we can achieve many of our sustainability goals, says PhD researcher Alexander Wandl. We just have to learn to plan them better.

07 November 2019

Open spatial data infrastructure education network

The project SPIDER aims to promote and strengthen active learning and teaching towards open spatial data infrastructures. The Urban Data Governance Group received an Erasmusp+ grant for the three-year project, collaborating with Bochum University of Applied Sciences, KU Leuven, Lund University, and the University of Zagreb.

07 November 2019

Award for thesis on water defense in Vietnam

Alumna Rapa Surajaras won the KuiperCompagnons Gradatuation Award 2019 for masterstudents for her thesis ‘Breathe: Redefining a zone of informal settlements for Ho Chi Minh City’. Her project was selected by the professional jury from over thirty contributions to the annual competition by magazine Blauwe Kamer.

07 November 2019

Celebrating spatial planning and strategy

Spatial Planning & Strategy is one of the key pillars to Urbanism at TU Delft. Over the past eleven years, the integrative approach to urbanism has further solidified under the guidance of professor Vincent Nadin. A new open-access publication celebrates the achievements of the past decade.

24 October 2019

Freya Spencer-Wood nominated for TU Delft Best Graduate Award 2019

Freya Spencer-Wood graduated from the faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment with a thesis on how the dialogue between politics and architecture can be made as open and accessible as possible. On 12 November, Spencer-Wood will give a live pitch to compete for the title ‘TU Delft Best Graduate 2019’, together with the seven nominees from other faculties.

26 September 2019

‘Northbound’ documentary at Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam

Two Urbanism graduates have been selected to display their documentary ‘Northbound’ at the Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam 2019. The documentary about Europe’s most northern province Finnmark in Norway focusses on the pressure of incoming extractive industries in the Arctic on the landscape and local cultures.

26 September 2019

Open-up interstices

The research project ‘Open-up interstices’ investigates the post-war neighbourhood Den Haag Zuidwest and has been granted funding by NWO Creative Industry KIEM. The project explores the value of existing open spaces of the neighbourhood and brings new perspectives for the undergoing urban regeneration plan.

26 August 2019

Six BK publications in International Journal of Technology and Design Education

Six articles on architecture and built environment design education have been published in the latest open access issue. Twenty staff members from all over the faculty contributed to broad range of topics.

20 June 2019

Country estates landscapes still a prominent feature in Dutch green structure

The leading role played by the wealthy citizens of the Dutch Republic is still visible to this day in the form of a green belt of country estates. They were developed alongside canals, strategic highways and trading routes by patrician families, PhD researcher Gerdy Verschuure-Stuip discovered. This is the origin of the country estates landscapes that still exist in and around Dutch cities.

06 June 2019

The impact of regional design on spatial planning

What influence does spatial design have on spatial planning at a regional scale level and on decision-making at all scale levels? Based on practical case studies from the Netherlands, PhD researcher Verena Balz explored the two-way traffic between regional design and the development of spatial policy.