25 October 2018

Democratic design wanted for post-colonial Malaysia

Malaysia has not been a colony since 1957, but this is not reflected in public space. Just like the British time, urban planning is all about controlling the masses, says PhD candidate Nurul Azlan. It’s time for urban designers to become independent, too.

18 October 2018

‘Black gold’ exhibition at Learning Centre Dunkirk

The exhibition ‘Or Noir: Marée, Ruée, Virage’ introduces visitors to the wide impact of oil on our life and our environment. Seven stations document past and present impact of oil and visualize future scenarios, inviting the public to engage.

18 October 2018

NEXT EXTREME shortlisted for WAF Water Research Prize

Research project NEXT EXTREME was shortlisted for the Water Research Prize of the World Architecture Festival. The project dives into next generation infrastructure design under extreme conditions and is conducted by Taneha Kuzniecow Bacchin and Filippo LaFleur (Urbanism).

11 October 2018

Argentine delta could learn from Dutch polder model

In the Rio Paraná Delta the natural, industrial, and urban dynamics collide head-on. Lack of participation in planning is at the root of the problem, concludes Verónica Zagare in her PhD thesis. An Argentine version of the Dutch polder model could offer a way out.

08 October 2018

Eleni Chronopoulou nominated for TU Delft Best Graduate Award 2018

Eleni Chronopoulou graduated from BK Bouwkunde in the summer of 2018, with a thesis on how landscape architecture has the capacity to work as an integrative common ground. The BK alumna has been selected as the Best Graduate 2018 from the BK Bouwkunde.