The department of Urbanism is one of the four departments in the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment of the TU Delft. At the department, approximately  118 members of staff work together on the educational and research activities of Urbanism.

The chairman of the department is Prof. Dr. Maarten van Ham..

The Management Team (MT) of the department consists of the chairman, all professors and the department manager. The MT assists the Chairman in making strategic decisions in research, education and organization. 

The Daily Board (DB) of the department of Urbanism consists of the chairman of the department, representatives of all five sections, the department manager and the office manager. The Daily Board is concerned with the daily management of the department.

Secretariat Urbanism

Margo van der Helm (Office Manager)
Astrid Roos (support HR & Finance)
Danielle Hellendoorn (support section Urban Design and education)
Karin Visser (support section Spatial Planning & Strategy, Section Urban Studies and supports the research leaders)
Chiara Termini (support section Environmental Design & Technology and Landscape Architecture)
Martine de Jong (support 3D Geoinformation)
Truus de Waaijer (general support)


Prof. Dr. Maarten van Ham

Department Manager

Annemieke Klein