Environmental Technology and Design


The core of the Environmental Technology and Design (ETD) chair at the Department of Urbanism is the Triad people, technology and design. It includes a renewed look on the ‘urban metabolism’, with operational strategies towards sustainable development and urban resilience for the field of urbanism and the role of environmental technology, urban ecology, participation and environment behavior focus for the field. At different scales, however starting mainly from the perspective of the urban dynamics and of emerging theories of complexity related to this.  


The mission for the chair of ETD is to play a leading role at the academic level in the design, development and combining of proven and promising techniques, infrastructures and interfaces and methods in resilient designs for a sustainably realized, comfortable and healthy climate in the living and built environment. 

Strategy and operations

As for the strategy and operations of the ETD chair, they will be driven by social, societal and business needs (‘pull’), technical opportunity (‘push’), and foremost integrated across specializations and geographies. We belief that we can significantly accelerate the delivery of economically, environmentally and socially sustainable cities and communities. Or in short: Prosperous Cities: Smart, Sustainable and Just.

We therefore take the five main dimensions of prosperity as defined by UN Habitat primarily into account (in random order): productivity; infrastructure (development); quality of life; equity and social inclusion; and environmental sustainability.

Section leader

Dr. Alexander Wandl


Arjan van Timmeren


Chiara Termini