Following our inter- and transdisciplinary ambition, we as a section of Environmental Technology and Design are active in education in the Bachelor Bouwkunde/ Architecture and the Built Environment and the following master tracks and programs.

  • Master Architecture, Urbanism & Building Sciences (TU Delft)
  • Master Industrial Ecology (TU Delft/Leiden University)
  • Master Geomatics (TU Delft)
  • Master MADE (AMS Institute)
  • Track Atmospheric Environmental Engineering (TU Delft CiTG) 

To design the built environment from a flows’ perspective requires a combination of methods from different scientific disciplines with a creative design process. Therefore, at ET&D, we follow a research-informed systemic design approach. This design approach is guiding our students in the graduation studios Metropolitan Ecologies of Places (MEP) and Transitional Territories (TT).

Next to our on-campus education, we are developing a rich portfolio of online education for students and professionals in the field. This includes content on the digital edX platform for Massive Open Online Courses, the future learn platform and TU Delft online-learning platform for professional education (Prof - edX).

Education Coordinator

Ir. Mariette Overschie

Master Architecture, Urbanism & Building Sciences

AR1U100: RandD Studio: Designing Urban Environments [Q2]
AR2U086: RandD Studio: Spatial Strategies for the Global Metropolis
AR1U131 Sustainable Urban Engineering of Territory [Q2]
AR0171: Geo-design for a Circular Economy in Urban Region
AR4U010: Graduation Lab Urbanism

AR0227: Infrastructure and Environment Design
AR0228: Infrastructure and Environment Method Module


Master Industrial Ecology

4413INTPR: Integrated Project: Industrial and Urban Systems
4413IEPR1: Industrial Ecology Project 1

Bachelor of Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences

BK3ON3: Ontwerpen 3 Stad en Openbare Ruimte
BK3ON3HPB-14: Videoing Sustainable Measures
BK6ON5: Ontwerpen 5 Gebieds(her)ontwikkeling in het Metropolitane Landschap
BK3TE4: Technologie 4 Constructie en Klimaatontwerp

BK-MI-216: Sustainable Urbanism – the Green blue city
BK7215: Basic techniques for sustainable urban design
BK7225: City and Public Space: Sustainable Urban Design

MSc Metropolitan Analysis, Design and Engineering