Research & Outreach

The section has a long and successful tradition of leading and contributing to national and international research projects. Since the beginning of this millennium, we have published more than 750 journal articles, conferences contributions, books, book chapters, data sets, and scientific and policy reports. For a detailed and permanently updated overview of our research output, visit this website.

We focus our current and future research on three interrelated research topics following our interdisciplinary orientation:

· Territorial metabolism, which includes: questions on circularity; the relation between energy and resources flows and the built form, from the building scale to the region; the invastigations of the food-energy-water nexus;

· Urban climate adaptation and mitigation which includes: urban microclimate studies, urban heat island studies and water related climate adaptation and mitigation.

· Biophilic Design: which includes designing with direct and indirect nature, including the study of wastescapes and how biophilic design and nature-based solutions contribute to regenerative strategies.

We collaborate with public and private partners to achieve a high societal impact and aim at bridging the gap between research and its application. Two successful spin-offs, The New Raw and geoFluxus, of ET&D PhD candidates are exemplary for this ambition.

Research Coordinator

Dr. Fransje Hooimeijer