Environmental Technology and Design. Towards a Nexus. PhD Seminar 

The seminar looks back at the history of the ET&D Section to discuss how to position current and future PhD research in the field of Urbanism in relation to the theoretical discourse of environmental, technology and design.

5th October 2022   

TU Delft, BK, Berlagezaalen


The seminar is organized by the Environmental, Technology and Design Section of the TU Delft Faculty of Architecture in collaboration with the research school Future-proof Cities of the University of Gävle. 


[9.00-9.05] Opening   
Arjan van Timmeren   

 [9.05- 9:15] Introduction 
Alexander Wandl 

[9.15-10.00] Environment(al) 
Alex Wandl interviews Kees Duijvestein 
Stephan Barthel on Environment(al)

Discussion on PhD research: Isabel Recubenis, Ylva Gullberg, Kees Duijvestein, Stephan Barthel

[10.00-10.45] Technology  
Alex Wandl interviews Taeke de Jong  
Fransje Hooimeijer on Technology

Discussion on PhD research: Tanya Tsui, Aishwarya Raghunatha, Taeke de Jong, Fransje Hooijmeier 

[10.45-11.15] Coffee break

[11.15-12.00] Design
Alex Wandl interviews Sybrand Tjallingii 
Arjan van Timmeren on Design

Discussion on PhD research: Yan Song, Sara Svensson, Sybrand Tjallingii, Arjan van Timmeren    

[12.00-12.45] Panel discussion. Environmental, Technology, Design. Towards a Nexus
Moderators: Marjolein van Esch, Luca Iuorio
Discussants: Yan Song, Isabel Recubenis, Tanya Tsui, Ylva Gullberg, Sara Svensson, Aishwarya Raghunatha, Kees Duijvestein, Taeke de Jong, Sybrand Tjallingii 

Organization committee 
Alex Wandl 
Stephan Barthel 
Luca Iuorio 
Elizabeth Migoni Alejandre 
Daniela Maiullari 
Federica Vingelli 
Tanya Tsui 
Yan Song 
Isabel Recubenis 
Abdullah Aldakheelallah 
Matt Roberts 
Laetitia Augustyniak  
Romy de Man 

Alex Wandl – 
Luca Iuorio – 
Romy de Man –