Urban Design/Theory and Methods

The Chair of Urban Design - Urban Compositions -  is concerned with the design of the physical form of urban areas and the complex relationships between urban form and social processes. We have an expertise in spatial analysis, with a focus on evaluating the built form including architecture and open space, public as well as private space and its different uses. We are developing innovative concepts and approaches for urban analysis and design, acknowledging contextual changes that call for a rethinking of theory and method in urban design. The object of urban design – the city – is changing rapidly: in the Netherlands and across the globe, complex urban regions are emerging. A whole range of systemic changes in relation to, for example, transport, water management, energy production and consumption but also the social composition of cities and urban regions means that the assumptions about the relations between urban form and social activity are becoming outdated. We understand cities as ‘complex adaptive systems’ that comprise a multitude of dynamic interconnections and flows that adjust to each other irrespective of plans or designs.


Danielle Karakuza