Van Eesteren

The Van Eesteren Chair intends to study – from an interdisciplinary perspective - the interplay between urbanism and the physical conditions of the Dutch delta landscape, with a focus on water related issues. The chair is set up for a period of three years (2013-2016), and is collectively funded by the EFL Foundation (Van Eesteren-Fluck & Van Lohuizen Stichting), the IJsselmeer Region Delta Programme (Deltaprogramma IJsselmeergebied) and the TU Delft.


The research of the Van Eesteren Chair aims to map, comprehend and redefine the spatial problems of the IJsselmeer Region; the ‘Blue Heart’ in the urbanised, dynamic landscape of the Dutch lowland delta. It intends to make the spatial consequences of big scale decisions on delta level both comprehensible and visible, by means of tangible locations. 
The research is subdivided in different tracks. In the ‘Atlas of the IJsselmeer Region’, the spatial quality of the IJsselmeer Region is explored, investigated and documented by means of drawings, maps and info-graphics. Furthermore, optimisation of the water system on the long-term is investigated, with possible strategies for more natural dynamism. This is put into practice by organising Knowledge Conferences and sharing knowledge in a Think-Tank, especially installed by the Van Eesteren Chair. Finally, special attention is given to the possible added value of future design strategies for the Dutch Delta Metropolis.  


The Van Eesteren Chair is closely involved in the Master-track Urbanism, the graduation studio Delta Interventions and the European post-Master in Urbanism (EMU).

LINES Magazine

The Van Eesteren Chair has taken the initiative to publish a magazine about urbanism, drawing, delta’s, landscape and architecture. It presents provisional and unpolished output of the chair’s activities in research and education: raw materials and works-in-progress, to challenge and catalyse new ways of seeing. The magazine is sold in the Bouwshop. Frits Palmboom


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