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Polis | Platform for Urbanism

Polis Platform for Urbanism is since 1989 the study association for the master students of Urbanism and since this year Polis also represents the master students of Landscape Architecture.  

Polis aims to construct a network for intellectual transmission within the Department of Urbanism and beyond. Connecting students, researchers and practitioners, by exposing and investigating contemporary affairs and academic ideology. We will do this by means of the Atlantis magazine, organizing excursions, lectures, debates, expositions and other activities. 

Please visit our new website: On this websites weĘĽll inform you about all kinds of events coming up, inside and outside the TU Delft, let you browse through the Atlantis Archive, filter interesting internships and give you the possibility to sign up for Polis activities. 

Aren't you a Polis member yet? You can easily sign up as Polis Student (for all registered students) or Polis Friend (for all graduated) on our website!

Bookmark our new website and keep in touch!

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