Facilities in the model hall

The model hall is the central model making space in the heart of the faculty.
Every student can visit this facility to work on her or his projects.
On the ground floor you can find the central black desk, worktables, photo booths and our BK Green recycling cabinet. 

Black desk
At the black desk in the model hall we can help you with the following:

  • You can borrow handtools here. (Campuscard as a deposit.) Most tools can be borrowed overnight. Only electrical appliances need to be returned each evening and may not be taken outside the model hall.
  • You can order from our materials catalogue and buy model making related items such as brushes, scale figures or pieces of wood from our onsite stock.
  • Glue, old newspapers, sticks, needles or sandpaper are items which are always available and free of charge.
  • You can also ask for advice

Work tables
In general, all tables on the ground floor are available to everyone to use on a daily basis.
However at the end of each day, each table needs to be cleaned by its user, so it is available again the following day. Beware that there is no storage in the model hall. Everything that is not approved or agreed upon will be discarded by the model hall staff.
Only MSC students who have achieved their P4 exam can have a table for the duration of their preparation for their final exam and leave their work on their table.

BK Green cabinet
In this cabinet that is located behind the black counter you can find left over materials free of charge. You can also recycle your own usable leftovers there. (Please no laser rests.)

Photo booths
There are two photo boots,  one white and one black.
Lights can be borrowed at the camlab.

Wood workshop, camlab and mezzanines 
On the sides of the hall are two mezzanines. The mezzanines are mostly used for form study classes. These workspaces are not for general student use.
The wood workshop and camlab are situated under the mezzanines. Looking in the direction of the restaurant the wood workshop is to your right and the camlab to your left. 

In the wood workshop are woodworking machines, most of which you’re allowed to use after you have had a mandatory safety instructions. There are short videos to remind you how to handle them. 
At the side of the camlab you can also find our office, the paint room with spraybooth and two cnc milling machines.

1. The central desk.

3. These tables can be used over a longer period for MSc thesis project modelling.

5. This area is only for staff. Here we prepare larger parts on the professional machines.

2. These tables can be used to make scale models on a daily basis.

4. In this area you can use the machines, provided that you take personal safety instructions into account.

6. Exhibition showcases. Exhibits of student work are changed regularly.