Materials and techniques


Everything in the model hall is there to support model making and form studies.
The materials used are mostly basic materials such as foam, cardboard, wood and wood like materials. All tools and equipment in the hall are suited for these materials. We do not have a lot of tools to work with other materials such as stone or steel. Please ask when working with (to you) new materials.


Materialising an idea or design and turning it into a model is an interesting process that takes time.
This model making is a skill that will improve the more you practice. Our goal is to help you do so.
There are many tips and tricks that can help you translate your plans. These model making techniques can help you create your vision. Feel free to ask.

First tip: Keep it simple. Try not to overcomplicate your plans unnecessarily.

Examples of Materials

Examples of Techniques

Objects printed with 3D plaster printer

Mould of plaster

Result of the mould on the picture on the left

3D print made with the 3D-Elite plastic printer

Mould created with the milling machine

Milled polystyrene

Milling a wheel form in wood

3D print made with the ultimaker

Roof construction made with the lassercutter

Model made with the lasercutter and 3D printer