Prof. Dr.-Ing. U. Knaack

Professor of Design of Construction - Department of Architectural Engineering + Technology

Ulrich Knaack focuses his chair on the fundamentals of construction, the use of construction materials and elements and the joints between elements and materials themselves. The chair analyses construction principles and their relationship to the production process and deals with special structures and specific components, such as façades. Important research topics are glass, façade structures, system construction and the structure and organisation of the field. This involves research into the feasibility and implementation of new or innovative construction techniques and materials.
Among other things, Knaack is researching economic double-skin façades, façades in which building systems are integrated and façade systems which are suitable for a free-form, ICT-driven architecture. The chair is also characterised by a deep integration of research and education. This is achieved through the supervision of the Bachelor’s and Master’s students’ final projects and by integrating teaching groups in different parts of the course. Students are given the opportunity to test their research results in models, so that they will become familiarised with the problems of construction on a large scale through practical application.

"Innovation is always a challenge - but without there is no development...and less fun!"

- U. Knaack

Ulrich Knaack