Prof.dr. J.E. Stoter

Professor of 3D Geo-information - Department of Urbanism

The Chair of 3D Geo-information in the section Urban Data Science is concerned with techniques for managing spatial information, making it available and utilising it within information infrastructures, and with the related agreements and arrangements. The development and implementation of ICT solutions for spatial information is an important part of this.


A great deal of information has a location component. This provides a unique opportunity for linking data in completely different domains, generating new insights that cannot be obtained in any other way. Spatial information comprises not only data in 2D, as shown on maps, but also 3D modelling of the physical reality around us. 3D modelling is essential in order to study our environment in all its facets - for example the subsurface, sound, the environment and energy.

Ever-expanding data

This Chair addresses important questions such as: how can we distil useful information from the enormous volumes of spatial data that grow by the minute as sensors monitor the weather, particulates, mobility, et cetera? How can we integrate data from different disciplines, which have their own conventions for structure and content? How can we model the world in 3D, at different times (4D) and to different levels of detail (5D), and how can those data be managed, analysed and made accessible?

Policy contexts

The Chair's research is closely linked to societal issues and the use of geo-information in policy contexts.  I am fulfilling this position in combination with a research position at Kadaster (the Netherlands' Cadastre, Land Registry and Mapping Agency), one of the main providers of geo-information in the Netherlands. Jantien is on secondment from TU Delft at Geonovum.

"My goal is to make large amounts of spatial information accessible for a wide public and for various applications, such as spatial development and design and planning and management of the public space."

- J.E. Stoter

Jantien Stoter