Prof.dr. P.J. Boelhouwer

Professor of Housing systems
Department of Management in the Built Environment

“I have been professor of Housing Systems since 2001. I am primarily concerned with housing policy. ‘How can you make policy for the housing market?’ and ‘How can you evaluate policy?’ are important questions at this time. The Dutch housing market is currently not functioning properly; housing production is low and sale prices have fallen sharply. The research of my chair focuses on such things as housing-choice processes, reform of the housing market and price movements, but also on the international comparative study of housing systems. The effects of the abolition of mortgage interest deduction, the relationship between building production and price movements and the positioning of the housing-association sector are all discussed and dissected.

I am supervising about ten doctorate students. In the near future I can see several challenges coming in the field of public housing. The housing market will be reorganised and the role of housing associations will change. The aging population and the changes in welfare are having an influence on the sector.”

Boelhouwer studied social geography in Utrecht. In addition to professor, he is also chairman of the European Network for Housing Research (ENHR) and the Kenniscentrum Aanpak Funderingsherstel (KCAF).

Peter Boelhouwer