J.C. Paul

Professor of Structural Design - Department of Architectural Engineering + Technology

Joop Paul is professor of Structural Design at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment. The projects he is involved in are on the cutting edge of architecture, support structures and digital design and construction techniques. This combination supports the design of complex buildings – in which construction and design come together – through the use of digital design methods. Joop Paul is an expert in the field of earthquake-resistant design.

The chair is committed to making the construction of buildings with a complex geometry affordable. Paul feels this can be achieved by using digital design methods, by working on computerised production techniques that facilitate customisation and by integrating design, engineering and execution to a greater extent than at present.

For complex buildings in particular, the support structures require constant collaboration between the architect and the structural designer.

He uses his practical focus to supervise students who have a particular preference for innovative constructive systems and materialisation that are suitable for complex design.

Besides being a professor, Joop Paul is a constructor and director at the international design and engineering firm Arup. He is experienced in designing super high-rise buildings, buildings with multifunctional programmes and complex geometry. He regularly collaborates with national and international top-class architects and artists.

Joop Paul