Professor of Product Development - Department of Architectural Engineering + Technology
"I am concerned with the methodology of designing components and the development of building systems. I'm always trying to shape and improve the relationship between academia and industry. Always with an eye on the future.

Architects are accustomed to bringing together both the alpha, beta and gamma aspects of developments. That gives them a broad perspective from which they can visualise the future with a holistic view. For a part-time professor the broadening of scientific knowledge is interesting: the academic debate, the independent position from which both your solicited and unsolicited opinions can be given. 

Working on continual innovation

The chair of Product Development has had many successes, such as the many graduate constructional engineers inspired by their training who now form a young generation of enterprising designers in the construction industry, but also the prototype laboratory in which 'students see the light', as well as the many publications that resulted from our work.

I am very proud of the Prototype Laboratory and research on prototypes that we have achieved.

Besides my professorship at TU Delft I am also a member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) and the Netherlands Academy of Technology and Innovation (AcTI), and owner of the company Octatube, which specialises in designing three-dimensional structures for the construction and architecture industries. This has given rise to a specific way of working, based on its own methodology in the field of design and development of construction products, building systems and special building components. I gladly pass this on to interested students. I think it's great to see students and doctoral candidates developing the maturity of young professionals. "

"I think it's great to see students and doctoral candidates developing the maturity of young professionals."

- A.C.J.M. Eekhout

Mick Eekhout