Professor of Urban Compositions - Department of Urbanism

Han Meyer is Professor of Urban Compositions at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment. This chair develops methods for bringing structure and design into the urban space. Future social developments play a vital role in this. A particular area of attention is urbanism in delta areas.

“Important projects we are working on include the foundations of urbanism in a 21st-century perspective. We continually ask ourselves whether all the knowledge within the discipline of urbanism is still relevant for present and future assignments and challenges. Delta urbanism is also an important theme in this chair. How can we incorporate territorial conditions in delta areas into urban design and construction? The boundary between land and water, and the question of how the water management infrastructure can be integrated in the urban design is a particularly important aspect of this.

My personal focus is on urban design renewal, developing new design methods, and critical reflection upon contemporary urban design practice, not only for now, but also for later. Urban planning is particularly about the longevity of the city. For the future I feel it is important that the discussion on the social importance of the public space should become a spearhead within the field.”

"Urban design is about issues that are not only important now, but that also have a history and that will continue to be important far into the future. Urban design is particularly about the longevity of the city."

- V.J. Meyer