H. de Jonge

Management in the Built Environment - Chair of Real Estate Management

Real Estate & Housing (REH) | Real Estate & Project Management
Chair of Real Estate and Development

In 1991, Hans de Jonge was one of the founders of the Real Estate and Project Management course, and since then has gone on to become a full professor of Real Estate and Development at the faculty. Complex building projects that often used to be in the hands of economists or 'civilians' now require people who are not only capable of running such projects but who also have knowledge of the design and building process. In this Chair, students therefore learn how to solve complex real estate issues. This involves questions such as, 'How do you ensure that a certain level of quality is maintained?' and 'How do you streamline the collaboration between the relevant parties?' De Jonge teaches real estate management to both Bachelor's and Master's students and also supervises several students approaching graduation and around fifteen PhD students. He is furthermore closely involved with the Master City Developer (MCD) post-doctoral course, a joint initiative of TU Delft, Erasmus University Rotterdam and the Ontwikkelingsbedrijf Rotterdam (Rotterdam local authority development company). Additionally, he gives lessons in various post-doctoral real estate courses and regularly teaches in Asia and the United States. For his contribution to the field he received in 2005 the prestigious Leermeesterprijs of the TU Delft University Fund.

De Jonge is chairman of the board of the Brink Groep, a group of businesses in the field of management, consultancy and automation for the building, housing and real estate sector. He is also chairman of the Council of Professors of the university and a member of the editorial boards of trade journals such as Building Business and Real Estate Magazine.

Hans de Jonge