P.G. Luscuere

Professor of Building Physics and Services - Department of Architectural Engineering + Technology

Peter Luscuere (born in 1955) is professor of Building Physics and Services at the faculty. He concentrates on the integration of building-service concepts in the architectural design process and on creating greater levels of understanding between the two disciplines. He aims to enhance architecture students’ feel for technology and to train them to be effective discussion partners with technical advisors. If an architect modifies his façade, the consequences for the building services design could be very far-reaching, as certain installations limits the architectural possibilities. The ability to envisage things from the point of view of other disciplines is therefore essential for a healthy working partnership.  Research into exergy plays a significant role as well. Exergy is a measure for the quality of energy, in fact it is the amount of work that can be obtained from energy. Electricity, for example, is highly efficient, exegetically speaking, but burning natural gas for heating spaces is not. What possibilities do exergy calculations offer for the building industry and how can we use this concept to close energetic, biological and material cycles in the built environment? Together with visiting professor Michael Braungart a Cradle to Cradle laboratory is established in which students from a great number of faculties participate.

Peter Luscuere