W.C.T.F. de Zeeuw

Professor of Urban Area Development - Department of Management in the Built Environment

“For years my working life has been a combination of various positions and activities. I draw my inspiration and motivation from this mix of work, hobbies and associated networks. [...] My expertise is primarily in the area of spatial design and the role of the market and the government in this.

Good commissioning practice in area development takes centre stage in the teaching and research of the Chair of Urban Area Development. The focus in teaching, research and social activities is on collaboration between government and market parties. A second accent is sustainable area development and market quality.

In addition to my work at TU Delft, I hold various management positions and am a member of several supervisory boards.”

"Sometimes I tend to be a solo player, but I know that you can only get things done by working together with others. Working together with other energetic and passionate professionals is an enormous encouragement."

- W.C.T.F. de Zeeuw

Friso de Zeeuw