House rules


  • In the event of danger, theft, fire or other urgent unsafe situations, call +31 15 2788888 right away.
  • Keep the emergency exits clear at all times.
  • In the event of evacuation, leave the building in a calm and orderly manner. Follow the instructions of the in-house emergency response team (BHV) and assemble in the park at De Vries van Heijstplansoen.
  • If you encounter a non-urgent unsafe situation, please report this to the Service Desk of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment on +31 15 2789805.

House rules

  • Do not leave your valuables unattended. TU Delft is not responsible for any loss of personal property, or telephones or laptops issued by TU Delft.
  • Keep all areas of the building clean and tidy, and clear your workspace before leaving the building.
  • Any items kept in the studios must be placed in the racks or lockers. Any items left outside the racks or lockers may be thrown away.
  • Presentations and drawings may only be hung on the magnetic display boards.
  • Do not cause any nuisance to your colleagues or fellow students.

Not permitted in the building

  • Pets are not allowed in the building, with the exception of assistance dogs.
  • You may not bring rechargeable lithium batteries into the building. There are charging stations in the covered bicycle parks on the East and West sides of the building.
  • Private household appliances are not permitted in the building.
  • Smoking is not permitted in the building or the outdoor areas of TU Delft.


  • Bicycles must be parked in the designated bicycle parks. Bicycles left outside these areas may be removed.
  • Cars may only be parked in the designated car parking spaces. Rules concerning incorrect parking may be enforced by the municipality of Delft.

Failure to comply with the house rules may lead to being denied access to the building. For this, see the general house rules of TU Delft.