House rules

Danger and annoyances

  • Theft, fire or hazardous situations must be reported immediately by calling 015 2788888
  • (Emergency) exits must be free of obstructions at all times
  • If evacuation of the building is ordered, leave the building, follow instructions of the Emergency Personnel and assemble in the park alongside De Vries van Heijstplansoen

Responsibility and theft

  • You are responsible yourself for TU Delft telephones, laptops or other equipment
  • Watch your personal belongings; you are responsible yourself for your personal belongings in BK City

A clean and clear BK City

  • Keep all the spaces in BK City clean and safe; don’t leave your work place without cleaning it
  • In studios, magnetic boards must be used for all presentations and to display pictures
  • In employee rooms and public spaces, please only use magnetic boards to display posters
  • Do not cause any form of nuisance to staff, visitors or students
  • You are not allowed to smoke inside BK City
  • Bicycles must be placed in the racks provided
  • No vehicles, including bicycles, skeelers, skateboards, etc., may be brought inside the building


  • Parking of bicycles is permitted only in the designated bicycle racks. CRE will remove daily all incorrect parked bicycles. This applies particularly to all bicycles that are blocking emergency exits/passages. Bicycles parked outside the bicycle racks or cycle parks which are locked to an object (pole, fence etc.) will have a second lock attached by CRE. The owner can report to the Service Desk.
  • Cars must be parked in the designated parking areas


  • Julianalaan is patrolled by the private company G4S, whose staff will warn of any irregularities or hazardous situations.
  • Security cameras are installed inside and outside the building. The images and recordings from these cameras are handled in the strictest confidence.