Resource Rows

Credits | Design: Lendager Group | Photo: © Rasmus Hjortshøj
Architect(s):  Lendager Group  
Year: 2017
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark 
More info:

Resource Rows is a circular housing project in Copenhagen developed and designed by the Lendager Group. Employing the urban mining concept, different kinds of previously used building materials were harvested locally. Existing brick facades from various abandoned buildings were cut into square brick modules, which were then assembled as a patchwork facade for the new row houses. In addition, large amounts of residual wood were upcycled as finishing material in the project’s interior and for the rooftop community garden huts. A reused concrete beam was applied as a bridge between the green rooftops of two housing blocks. According to the Lendager Group, significant positive impact was achieved, among which:

  • Turning 463 tonnes of waste into materials.
  • Upcycle percentage, 29% CO2 saving per/m2 L.C.A.
  • Upcycle brick element, 84 elements.
  • Wood, 60% CO2 saving.
  • Windows, 86% CO2 saving.