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17 January 2019

Cinematic approach to ‘Port city futures’

As part of the Port City Futures research programme, Carola Hein and Paolo De Martino (Architecture) will make a film in collaboration with artist and filmmaker Ollie Palmer. The film will feature interviews with key players in Naples, Rotterdam, and Dunkirk together with future development scenarios provide a view into evolving port-city region relationships.

17 January 2019

Handbook on informal urbanisation

The new handbook, edited by Roberto Rocco and Jan van Ballegooijen, explores 25 cases in 24 cities around the world. In each case, informal urbanisation has played a pivotal role in how people have struggled for their right to the city and for their ‘right to rights’ as citizens.

17 January 2019

Resilient dwelling clusters for urban resettlement

The Global Housing Study Centre will create a living lab in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to create resilient dwelling clusters for urban resettlement. The lab has been made possible with a € 500.000,- grant from the joint SDG research programme from NWO-WOTRO Science for Global Development.

15 January 2019

TU Delft students present design, a transformation of inefficient offices into apartments that produce more energy than they use

The MOR (Modular Office Renovation) team of the TU Delft, which consists of 54 students, is working on a design to renovate (a part of) an inefficient office into an apartment that produces more energy than it uses. On the 15th of January 2019, the team revealed the definitive design of this prototype. With the prototype, the team will travel to Hungary in July 2019 to participate in an international student competition for energy-efficient residences.

14 January 2019

Patterns and forms show fragmentation Chinese city

Spatial integration of new buildings in an existing environment is food for much discussion, while it in fact is not about words. Studies should focus on forms and patterns, if the goal is to achieve historical continuity in an urban design, concludes Jiaxiu Cai in her PhD research.

09 January 2019

Winning design new staircase BK Expo

The winning design for a new stair case of the BK Expo physically and visually connects the exhibition space with the surrounding spaces. The design by Veerle Alkemade and Sanne Sophie Hoogkamer is the winning design of the Stylos Scala design competition.

09 January 2019

How to integrate the river corridors of a grey and car-addicted city

Many cities form on the banks of rivers, but that does not mean that city and water are integrated by definition. PhD researcher Claudiu Forgaci investigated how better designed river corridors can contribute to a more resilient and more liveable city.

20 December 2018

New BK Lab for collaborative innovations

The new BK Lab for innovations offers a creative space to develop new innovations and to make cutting-edge research visible within the faculty. The new Lab, located at BG.West.200, offers a communal space where researchers can interact and push the boundaries of their research projects.

20 December 2018

Smart sustainable buildings with innovative building services

A new collaboration with the Dutch installation sector has resulted in the creation of the Chair of Building Services Innovations. The chair will be directed to the academic development of innovative building services and support of this part of the building industry, which has a pivotal role to play in the challenges of sustainability and quality of life.

20 December 2018

A kitchen for life

Together with producers and clients, researchers from BK Bouwkunde and the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS Institute) developed a prototype circular kitchen. This kitchen can be renewed almost indefinitely and adjusted to individual preferences, meaning it is a kitchen for life.

20 December 2018

Re-using heritage for sustainable human well-being

Uta Pottgiesser has been appointed Professor of Heritage & Technology. She will continue the cutting-edge research programme on the technical aspects of architectural heritage, which is vital for the sound restoration of historical buildings.

20 December 2018

Two research projects into Smart Urban Regions of the Future

The knowledge programme Smart Urban Regions of the Future deals with societal challenges. Two research projects from BK Bouwkunde have been funded in the latest round of the SURF knowledge programme: research into future spatial patterns of grocery shopping and research into sustainable urban riverfronts.

20 December 2018

Delta policies: assess spatial quality first, then find the best solution

Spatial quality is still too often neglected in interventions to keep the water out. That is unnecessary, concludes PhD candidate Anne Loes Nillesen. First list the technical possibilities, then develop an integrated solution in consultation with all relevant parties.

12 December 2018

Gran Finale BK Booths

During the last week of the Venice Biennale, BK Bouwkunde organised a closing ceremony of research exhibition BK Booths. Content makers, current students and colleagues, alumni, and professionals gathered at Palazzo Mora to discover the BK Booths.

06 December 2018

Circular economies for resilient islands

The Resilient Island Foundation was founded by five students of BK Bouwkunde. Their goal is to implement a circular economy of food and waste in the world’s most isolated communities. Their first project ‘Maldives Matter’ was selected as one of the five finalists at the TEDx Award in Amsterdam, out of 200 applications.

06 December 2018

Professionalisation of the architectural field

In the eyes of many practitioners, the architectural profession is undergoing a process of devaluation. To shed light on long-term trends within the profession, BK Bouwkunde starts a sociologic study on professionalisation of practitioners in architecture in collaboration with the ArchiScienza Foundation. This foundation stimulates activities on the intersection of architecture and science in the widest sense.

06 December 2018

Collection of natural stones in online library

Together with the Dutch Cultural Heritage Agency (CHA), BK Bouwkunde TU Delft developed a digital natural stone library. The considerable collections of natural stone of both the RCE and the TU Delft are now easily accessible. Thus, identification and application of natural stone becomes more effortless for architects, conservators, and researchers.

22 November 2018

Housing Market Thesis Award 2018 for two TU Delft alumni

Every year, the Dutch Ministry of Internal Affairs awards the best master thesis on the housing market. Janneke Michielsen, alumna of the faculty of TBM, was awarded the first prize. The second prize was awarded to alumnus Martijn Nawroth, who graduated with a thesis on future proofing the housing stock of the municipality of Zoetermeer.

22 November 2018

Research on narratives of the European city receives COST grant

The proposal ‘Writing Urban Places. New narratives of the European city’ has been accepted as COST Action proposal. Klaske Havik (Architecture) leads the consortium, aiming to collect current initiatives of scholars addressing urban change from the crossing point of literary studies, urban studies and architecture. The goal is to offer a conceptual framework and operative tools to analyse urban narratives and to share knowledge with city makers.

22 November 2018

Enabling web access to geodata calls for compromises

Geodata open up opportunities for countless new applications, but the true potential remains untapped. Open datasets from the geo-world are not sufficiently compatible with standard search engines or access to them is restricted. According to PhD candidate Linda van den Brink, there are both technological and social obstacles that need to be overcome.

22 November 2018

Education fellowship for augmented education settings

Martijn Stellingwerff has been awarded a Delft Education Fellowship to showcase and test different augmented education settings. His project ‘DelftXRealities’ will explore education settings that range from a digitally augmented TU Delft campus to full-immersive VR settings that allow collaborations between participants from all over the world.

08 November 2018

Sustainable critical materials

Critical materials are materials which we need for current and future product technologies, but which are now or soon difficult to acquire. BK Bouwkunde is part of the consortium SusCritMat, which aims to educate people from industry and academia about important aspects on critical materials.

08 November 2018

BK alumna Hedwig van der Linden wins NRP Master Award 2018

Hedwig van der Linden graduated with her project ‘Expedition Rotterdam – or the revival of the hidden Reconstruction City’. Her project has been awarded with the NRP Master Award 2018 for her original and innovative attitude towards transformation and renovation.

08 November 2018

Hans de Jonge awarded with Hudig Medal

Hans de Jonge (MBE) received the medal for his work towards expanding the professional field of public housing and town planning with building, project, and area development, and his attention for the management and exploitation phases of the building process.

08 November 2018

Alumna Sarah Heemskerk wins silver IPMA award

Sarah Heemskerk graduated with a thesis on applied leadership styles on various contract types. She researched how the leadership style of project managers connects to the rise of integrated contracts in the sector.

08 November 2018

Crossing parallels with Philip Beesley

Students from BK Bouwkunde and the faculty of Industrial Design will develop a large scale, immersive interactive installation with artist and architect Philip Beesley. From 17 - 25 November 2018, the installation will be on display at the TU Delft Science Centre.

08 November 2018

Every climate requires its own solar cooling

The cooling of buildings slurps energy and is primarily aimed at combating the effects of the sun. Can solar energy and heat not be used for cooling? PhD candidate Alejandro Prieto Hoces discovered that solar cooling offers opportunities, but it rarely is a final solution. Just start with good sunscreens.

08 November 2018

How to renovate apartment blocks in Chile

In Chili bezitten veel mensen een appartement, maar lang niet iedereen kan het ook onderhouden. Dat leidt tot ernstig verval. De woningsector heeft dienstverleners nodig die technische hulp, maar ook conflictbemiddeling verzorgen, concludeert promovenda Luz María Vergara D'Alencon.

01 November 2018

Archiprix selection 2019 announced

Every autumn, the best gradation projects of BK Bouwkunde are selected and exhibited at the BK Expo. The jury selected the nine best projects to compete in the Archiprix, the leading annual competition for upcoming design talent.

25 October 2018

Peter Boelhouwer appointed to Advisory Committee

Peter Boelhouwer (OTB) is one of three experts appointed in an Advisory Committee to the Dutch Ministry of Economics and Climate. Together, these experts will give their expert opinion to the Ministry on the value and value decline of housing in the earthquake area of Groningen.

25 October 2018

Three BK projects at Dutch Design Week 2018

Glass bricks from recycled glass in organic shapes, designs for a hyperloop station in Amsterdam, and a chaise longue created from 3D robotic printing. These three projects from students and researchers of Architectural Engineering & Technology are now on display at the Dutch Design Week 2018.

25 October 2018

Take a swing on the Glass Swing

Researchers from BK Bouwkunde TU Delft developed a functioning glass swing, together with Arup, Schott, and RAMLAB. Users of the Glass Swing are able to interact with the structure, a showcase of the structural potential of glass.

25 October 2018

BK alumna Alessandra Covini wins Prix de Rome 2018

Architect and BK alumna Alessandra Covini received the Prix de Rome 2018 for her project Amsterdam Allegories. Her proposal for the Sixhaven area in North Amsterdam turns the area into a walled harbour in which twenty-one islands provide space for passing visitors.

25 October 2018

Democratic design wanted for post-colonial Malaysia

Malaysia has not been a colony since 1957, but this is not reflected in public space. Just like the British time, urban planning is all about controlling the masses, says PhD candidate Nurul Azlan. It’s time for urban designers to become independent, too.

18 October 2018

‘Black gold’ exhibition at Learning Centre Dunkirk

The exhibition ‘Or Noir: Marée, Ruée, Virage’ introduces visitors to the wide impact of oil on our life and our environment. Seven stations document past and present impact of oil and visualize future scenarios, inviting the public to engage.

18 October 2018

NEXT EXTREME shortlisted for WAF Water Research Prize

Research project NEXT EXTREME was shortlisted for the Water Research Prize of the World Architecture Festival. The project dives into next generation infrastructure design under extreme conditions and is conducted by Taneha Kuzniecow Bacchin and Filippo LaFleur (Urbanism).

18 October 2018

Three BK alumni in the race for NRP Master Award 2018

Three BK alumni compete for the award for upcoming talent with good and new ideas towards transformation and renovation. On 31 October 2018, Hedwig van der Linden, Lauren Boots, and Nikkie de Boer will hear which of the five candidates has won the NRP Master Award 2018.

12 October 2018

TU Delft receives grant from Getty Foundation for research into restoration of Aula Building

In the coming years, TU Delft will be conducting research into the possible restoration and modernisation of the Aula Building, which is a listed monument in the Netherlands.

11 October 2018

Argentine delta could learn from Dutch polder model

In the Rio Paraná Delta the natural, industrial, and urban dynamics collide head-on. Lack of participation in planning is at the root of the problem, concludes Verónica Zagare in her PhD thesis. An Argentine version of the Dutch polder model could offer a way out.

11 October 2018

‘Elevator’ wins Maassilo competition

BK alumnus Bram van Grinsven created the winning design for the idea competition of the roof of the Maassilo in Rotterdam. Van Grinsven proposes to construct a glass floor, protruding over the edge of the existing concrete structure: creating a floating hotspot 40 meters above the harbour of Rotterdam.