16 April 2021

Strandeiland - Involving citizens in urban development processes

Strandeiland is the newest artificial island in the IJburg archipelago in the IJmeer, on the east side of Amsterdam. The island is currently being constructed. With 8,000 homes, Strandeiland is one of the largest future urban districts in Amsterdam. At Strandeiland the DemoS project aims to create an inclusive community of future Strandeilanders. Particularly exciting: new methods are explored to involve residents in the area development process.

16 April 2021

Imagination of the Zuiderwaterlinie

The Zuiderwaterlinie (Southern Water Line) is one of the oldest and longest water defence lines in The Netherlands. The line connects Bergen op Zoom to Grave. The line has a long history with specific stories of war and peace from the past until now. In the past academic year, students made plans to develop this military heritage for the future. The purpose of the student plans is to show what possibilities the Zuiderwaterlinie offers for the future of Noord-Brabant.

16 April 2021

Apply now for INDESEM 2021 'Datascape'

This year INDESEM 2021 will take place 29th of May – 3rd of June. The program of the INDESEM seminar week consists of lectures, excursions and a workshop, all organized around a specific contemporary theme. Every edition of the seminar aims to raise awareness about this theme and its consequences for the architectural practice. This year we will explore the topic ‘Datascape’. How could data – about how people live, breathe and move through the projects we create - influence our future architectural designs?

14 April 2021

A Manifesto for the Just City: a book

Justice is a crucial dimension for sustainable cities and communities. Recent systemic shocks including climate change, the pandemic, a general erosion of democratic norms and more have prompted a rethinking and conceptualisation of the Just City in this light. A Manifesto for the Just City includes texts by a number of guest authors and 43 manifestos written by students from 25 universities around the world.

08 April 2021

Monuments Study Award won by alumna Iris Moons

Iris Moons, alumnus van onze faculteit, wint de WTA NL-VL Monumentenstudieprijs. Zij is afgestudeerd met het onderwerp “Management van religieus erfgoed – een accommodatiestrategie voor Nederlandse kerken” en werd tijdens haar afstuderen begeleid door prof. Alexandra den Heijer en prof. Ana Pereira Roders.

07 April 2021

All 10 million buildings in the Netherlands available as 3D models

Wind turbulence in an office district, noise nuisance from an industrial park, horizon-polluting windmills near a residential area, blinding light in classrooms. Often unexpected, such things can range from being a nuisance to highly annoying after a construction has been completed. We can now more easily simulate these effects on the living environment before construction, as detailed 3D data is now available for all 10 million buildings in the Netherlands.

30 March 2021

Book release about urban socio-economic segregation

Worldwide, levels of socio-economic segregation in cities are increasing and as a result the rich and the poor are increasingly living in different parts of urban regions. In a new book researchers Maarten van Ham and colleagues explain the relationship between increasing levels of inequality and segregation.

25 March 2021

Jaap Bakema Study Centre: from experiment to solid cooperation

The Jaap Bakema Study Centre was established as a research collaboration between our faculty and Het Nieuwe Instituut in 2013 and has developed from an experiment into a solid multi-year alliance between a cultural organisation and a knowledge institution. The activities have been broadened and deepened with the international PhD programme Architecture and Democracy, the Dutch Research Council (NWO) project The Critical Visitor and with leading annual conferences such as last year’s Repositioning Architecture in the Digital.

22 March 2021

Marie Skłodowska Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship opportunities

The Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment at Delft University of Technology will accept ‘Expressions of Interest’ to host Postdoctoral Fellows.

19 March 2021

New professor of Building Services Innovation aims to put the invisible high on the agenda

Given that building services can cost you as much as €1,000 per square metre, having a proper plan beforehand is hardly a luxury. But installation plans are rarely seen as a top priority during design projects. The fact that most of the heating, ventilation and airconditioning systems will ultimately be hidden above the ceiling or concealed in the walls simply compounds the problem. ‘Yet they remain of essential importance long after a building is commissioned. The installations are actually what will determine the building’s indoor climate and overall energy performance,’ says Atze Boerstra. Since last year, the tide appears to be turning for installations in buildings: ‘There is an awful lot happening in the building services world at the moment.’

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