ABE 005

This course is part of the European Postgraduate Masters in Urbanism (EMU).

The objective of the methodology course is to examine European experience in strategic spatial planning and regional design so as to gain a critical understanding of theory and practices. We ask a number of deceptively simple questions. What is a plan? What is a strategy? What does participation mean? How are plans made and by whom? How can plans influence spatial development when the private sector plays a dominant role?

Learning Objectives

At the completion of this course candidates

  • will be better prepared to design their own forms of strategic intervention - and recognise that these will vary depending on the place and the problem at hand;
  • know why societies invent planning and why it survives despite repeated challenges;
  • understand some of the key methodological problems involved in practising strategic spatial planning and design;
  • be able to explain alternative styles of planning and something about their strengths and weaknesse. 

About the Lecturer(s)/Coach(es)

The professors have extensive experience in spatial planning and regional design in north-west Europe. They have undertaken both theoretical and practical studies of spatial strategy making and have a strong track record of international comparisons. 


4 September 201909:15 - 13:15Room U
12 September 201909:15 - 13:15TBM, classroom J *
19 September 201909:15 - 13:15Room T
26 September 201909:15 - 13:15TBM, classroom J *
3 October 201909:15 - 13:15TBM, classroom J *
10 October 201909:15 - 13:15Room P
15 October 201909:15 - 13:15Room R
17 October 201909:15 - 13:15Room P
28 October 201914:15 - 18:15Room T

* Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management (TPM - TBM) Building 31 



How to enroll

Please send an email with your name, mail address, start date, research group and title of your research to abe@tudelft.nl

Course Info

Course code
ABE 005

Course type
Lectures, workshops, seminars and presentations

Most appropriate for
PhD candidates at all stages

Free for PhD candidates of A+BE Graduate School

Number of participants
min. 8 /max. 15

Name of lecturer(s)/coach(es)
Dr. D. Stead
Dr. M. DÄ…browski 

Course load

Graduate School credits


Once a year, from September 2019

Upcoming course dates and times
Fall 2019, see schedule

For further information, please contact Luiz De Carvalho Filho and emu-bk@tudelft.nl