CC1 | Urban and Regional Research

Urban and Regional Research is an intensive course dealing with approaches to academic research on urban and regional issues. The lectures and discussions expand on various research themes, research theories and related methodologies. Participants are expected to contribute actively by presenting their PhD project proposals and by participating in the discussions.
Goal of the course is to identify the most promising avenues of research, confront research cultures with each other, and initiate an exchange of ideas that crosses disciplinary boundaries.

After completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • position their own research within the larger framework of research on cities and regions;
  • understand and appreciate various approaches to a particular theme;
  • explore and possibly adopt research directions that have proven their value in other thematic areas of urban and regional research.

In addition, this course provides a setting in which new NETHUR PhD members can get to know each other and learn about new projects being started in the research school.

For more information, read the course description at Nethur. 

Course Data

Organising Institute
Nethur - Utrecht University, Utrecht

Course code

Course type
workshop, presentation, debate

Most appropriate for
Housing and urbanism phd's. First year.

No entry fee for PhD’s of  GS A+BE; €250 non-members

Number of participants
20 max.

Name of lecturer(s)/coach(es)
Several lecturers and guest lecturers

Course load
3 day course / 100 hours

Graduate School credits
5 GS Credits

Presence at all course days and bringing in a concept research proposal


Upcoming course dates and times

By email to

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