CC2 | Research Design

CC2 introduces themes in research design and planning, as well as a study of the background literature. Based on these introductions, each candidate’s initial research proposal will be discussed and partly rewritten and/or elaborated. Every research project has its own particular emphasis on theory, methods and techniques, and its own choices with respect to contributions from various disciplines. Analytical techniques bridge the gap between the theoretical framework of the research and the empirical data to be used. Given the conceptual model and the nature of the observations, the PhD candidate must be able to make a well-argued selection of analysis techniques and use them properly. Goal of the course is for the participants to become engrossed in their research proposals. In consultation with their advisors, they will adapt and elaborate these proposals to reflect their individual preferences.

After completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • streamline their research processes;
  • assess methods to be used;
  • schedule their research processes;
  • make intermediate adjustments, which play an important part in research projects extending over several years.

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Course Data

Organising Institute
Nethur - Utrecht University, Utrecht

Course code

Course type
workshop, presentation, debate

Most appropriate for
All. First year.

No entry fee for PhD’s of  GS A+BE; €250 non-members

Number of participants
10 max

Name of lecturer(s)/coach(es)
Prof. dr. P. Hooimeijer

Course load
This is a three day course (100 hrs) in Utrecht, with two meetings two weeks apart and a follow-up meeting about one month later.

Graduate School credits

Presence at all course days and bringing in an initial research proposal.

The course is scheduled at least every autumn/winter and as often as the number of registrations requires.

Upcoming course dates and times

By email to

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