Lecture Series Research Methods

This lecture series deals with the intricate relation between architectural research and design approaches. It holds that there exist certain 'episteme' in the field of architecture in which a specific analysis of the built environment resonates with a particular architectural design approach. It focuses on the ways that architectural research can offer a basis for the delineation, formulation and composition of architectural projects. Out of this perspective architectural research is not considered as a value-free venture, but rather as an activity that reflects a clear frame of reference and intentionality. The lecture series consists of six twin lectures. The first two twin lectures focus on the modi and instruments of architecture. The four remaining lectures are composed of:

  • a theoretico-historic lecture in which an episteme is delineated and
  • an evaluation of the operativity of a certain research method and the related design strategy

Fit for whom?
The course is obligatory for nearly all students of Master 3 tracks of Department of Architecture. To PhD candidates, the course is open and several candidates did follow it in the past. 

Course at a glance

MSc track

Course code

quarter 1 and 3

one quarter

Course load
Lecture: 28 hours + position paper

ECTS = GS credits

Tom Avermaete

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