Management & Finance 2

This course aims at providing students with knowledge and insights in fundamental management, economic, law and computational concepts that are of relevance for management in the built environment.

Fit for whom?
A few years ago, this course was offered at PhD level. Pretty soon, we had to conclude it suited only a small selection of PhD candidates. And we were forced to end the course. But for those among you who find this course right in the heart of your research, you are more then welcome to join the MSc students. It’s a valuable introduction in Law, Economics, Management en Computational Design.

Course at a glance

MSc track
Management in the Built Environment

Course code

quarter 3

classes in quarter 3, exam in quarter 4

Course load
3/4 hours per week

ECTS = GS credits

Ruud Binnenkamp

Link to ‘Studiegids’

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