Qualitative Research Methods in Design and Engineering

In this course, students will be able to acquire theoretical knowledge and practice their research skills on research proposals,operationalization and the design of structured and semi-structured interviews. A variety of exercises, individual writing assignments and reading of the related literature will enhance students’ understanding of what scientific research is all about. The course is the first of two courses devoted to research methods. This course (AR1R055) can be considered an introduction, whereas the second (AR3R055) next year aims at an advanced level related to the master thesis. The course aims of both courses are to teach analytical concepts, fieldwork methods and academic skills that can be applied by master students Real Estate & Housing in projects of the various courses of the curriculum.

Fit for whom?
The course is suitable for those who lacked courses on research methods and techniques in their own training.
The way we have set AR1R055 is fairly neutral with respect to the specific disciplines; it may be relevant to anyone who wants to do empirical research.
The course is organized around group assignments. During these assignments, we practice the main ingredients of the individual (final) assignment.   

Course at a glance

MSc track
Management in the Built Environment

Course code

1st semester.
From September to January.


Course load
8,5 hours/week

ECTS = GS credits

Dion Kooijman

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